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Research for Health Strategy to Buttress Pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals in the African Region

Evidence from scientific research is one of the major factors required to progressing toward the goal of ensuring that everyone, everywhere, can access quality health services needed without being forced into poverty (i.e., Universal Health Coverage). However, research is yet to be given the required high priority in addressing the health needs by many countries in the African Region. To guide countries in establishing the fundamental elements that facilitate health research, a new research for health strategy for the African Region that was developed by the World Health Organization was adopted in 2015. The aim of the strategy is to strengthen the National Health Research Systems(NHRS) that create an enabling policy environment for conduct and utilization of research. This strategy will not only guide countries in strengthening their NHRS but will also help partners in identifying areas requiring their support.


Martin Okechukwu C Ota and Joses Muthuri Kirigia

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