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Health Systems and Policy Research Volume 8, Issue 3 Health Systems and Policy Research Volume 8, Issue 4 Health Systems and Policy Research Special Issue Title4 https:/ Evoluton and Development of Global Health and Financing of Health Care System pMuhammad Aqilp https:/ Management In The Arena of Health Systems Becomes An Important Subject pLouis JohnnbspResearch, original articles, review articles, short review, case reports, case studies, case series, short communications, etc All published articles of our journal are included in the indexing and abstracting coverage of Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, China National Knowledge Infrastructure CNKI, Cosmos IF, Directory of Research Journal Indexing DRJI, WorldCat, Publons, Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Researchnbspp https:/ Description of Health informatics and applications pSameul Fedelinbspp https:/ Prominent Global Health Issues pVeronica Lodgenbspp Health Systems and Policy Research Special Issue Title5 https:/ Short Communication on Women Mental Health pBotcha Venkata Sai Sravanip https:/ Operations Research and its Applications pJohn Reacherp https:/ Health Service Program Management pJohn Reacherp https:/ Impact of Modern Contamination on Public Health pJohn Reacherp Health Systems and Policy Research Gynecologic Cancer https:/ Portrayal of Health Informatics and Applications pSamie Farlanep https:/ Depiction of Health Informatics pSamie Farlanep https:/ WAWARED Getting Connected using Mobile Technologies for Better Maternal and Child Health in Peru Randomized Controlled Trial pPatricia J Garcia, Jose PerezLu, Walter H Curioso,nbspnbspCesar P Carcamonbspand Diether Beuermannp https:/ Editorial Note on Women Health pJohn Reacherp https:/ Rapid Sequence Adaptation Establishing the First Military COVID19 Ward in a Large Civilian Medical Center pGalina Shapiro , Omer Tehori , Gil Zehavi , Noa Goldscher , Gilad Twig , Avi Benov , Noam Fink , Elon Glassberg , Yael ShachorMeyouhas , Khetam Hussein , Michael Halbertal , Erez Karp nbspand Ariel Furernbspp Health Systems and Policy Research Insights in Public Health Care 2021 https:/ Current Clinical Approaches to the Treatment of Major Covid19 Pandemic the Effectiveness of Immunoboosters and Safety Precautions as Methods of Prevention pVirmani Mayank, Kaur Mandeepp https:/ The Influence of Racial Trauma on the Vocational Choice Decisions of Black Collegians pVal Livingston, Angela Bost, Alandra Copelandp https:/ The Relationship between Authoritative Parenting Style EmotionRegulation and Young Adult Childrens Prosocial Behaviour pJuyoung Kang and Haoyi Guop https:/ How Household Income and Consumption are Affected by Lifestyle Diseases in an Emerging Economy pSaravana Jaikumarp https:/ Healthcare Waste Management in Oman pNidhal Humaid Saif AlJaradip Health Systems and Policy Research Volume 8, Issue 5 https:/ FeedbackInformed Treatment in Mental Health Services with SpanishSpeaking Patients From Outcome to Process Monitoring pDanilo Moggiap https:/ Indonesian Gay Mens Heterotopia Creation through Disidentification Strategies pEndah Triastutip https:/ Research Uptake in a Low Resource Setting How can a Low Resource Country Improve pJerry Sigudla and Jeanette Maritzp https:/ A New Media Platform Evaluates Chinese Social Workers AntiEpidemic Actions An Analysis of Network Public Opinion Based on COVID19 pLin Lin and Wang Jingyingp https:/ Prevalence of Malaria and Associated Factors among Households in Guanga Abaya District Oromia Regional State Southern Ethiopia A Community Based CrossSectional Study pGirma Worku Obsie and Belay Negasa Gondolp Health Systems and Policy Research Impact of Mental Health in Primary Health Care https:/ Substance use Coercion as a Barrier to HelpSeeking among Intimate Partner Violence Survivors with Opioid use Disorder pHeather Phillips1, Eleanor Lyon1, Elizabeth E Krans2,3, Carole Warshaw2, Judy C Chang2,3 and Chelsea Pallatino4p https:/ Impacts of COVID19 Pandemic on Work in South Korea pKwangYeong Shinp https:/ Adherence to Prevention of MothertoChild Transmission Service and its Effect on HIV Status of Children Born to HIV Mothers in Tema Metropolis pAndrews Asamoah and Ruth Panfordp https:/ Assessing the Level of EHealth in Africa Using Nigeria as a Model Barriers and Innovations pEzeani Obinna Emmanuelp https:/ Hydroxy Chloroquine in COVID19 Diseases What Points of Controversy pSAADI FatimaZahra and ABDAOUI Abderrahmanep Health Systems and Policy Research Public health in a global context https:/ Precision Pain Medicine A Multifaceted Perspective pBijan Riazi Farzad, Saeed Safari, Maral Jafarpour, Fatemeh Ramezaninbspand Atousa Janzadehp https:/ Development of a MixedMethod Needs Assessment to the Improve Quality of Life of LGBTQ Older Adults pClaire J Niemetnbspand Kelly Ricep Health Systems and Policy Research Volume 8, Issue 6 https:/ Providing Healthcare to Underprivileged Immigrants What are the Challenges for Health Professionals pXin Zhaop https:/ THMs Exposure Risk Assessment and Disease Burden of Bladder Cancer in DrinkingWater of Some Cities in China pXiaoshuang Wang, Yongqing Lin and Shaoxia Dongp https:/ COVID19 Restrictions and Sex Workers in Crisis in Nairobi Kenya pRaham Hassan, Susan Gichunanbspand Teela Sandersp https:/ Health Care Today Whom do we Really Care about Interventions for Promoting Healing and Hope pBrother Ignatius Perkinsp https:/ The Challenge of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Japan Medical Administration Clinical Practice Psychoanalytic Training pAkiyoshi Okadap