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Attitude of Health Workers (Nurses) Towards Patients and the Perception Patients Have about Them: A Case Study at Kropa Health Centre in Ghana

Background: The purpose of this study is known a specific hospital operating issue on employee attitude, service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty in health - care organizations.

Methods: The proposed research model was done using the mixed methods approach.

Results: The results indicate that hospitals can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through efficient public relations with patients and their families, frequent in-service training for employees in terms of public relations and customer care and service quality. One of the key findings of our study was that health workers especially nurse had bad public relations with patients and their families in health-care organization’s influence employee reaction and service quality.

Conclusion: The researcher concluded that public relations and customer care should be included in the curricula of nursing training schools to help students appreciate the need and approach to patients when they start their practice.


Richard Owusu Nyarko, Ivan Kahwa

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