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A Managerial Intervention to Strengthen the Healthy Organizational Culture in Major Health Care Facilities of Sri Lanka

Introduction: Healthy Organizational Culture of a health care facility is a reflection of the patient safety level. The major health care facilities in Sri Lanka are very complex organizations with massive health care workforces. Therefore, strengthening the healthy organizational culture is a challenge to leaders of major hospitals of Sri Lanka.

Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention in strengthening the Healthy Organizational Culture of National Hospital of Sri Lanka

Methodology: The newly designed Eight-Point Conflict Management Interventional Program was implemented at the level of Nursing Leaders of NHSL and effectiveness was tested through pre and post surveys among simply randomised control and experimental groups.

Results: There is a significant increase in the perceived level of Healthy Organizational Culture among Nursing Leaders in an experimental group following the intervention.

Conclusion: The newly designed Eight Point Conflict Management Program is successful in strengthening the healthy organizational culture of the NHSL and it can be recommended to apply in major health care facilities following feasibility studies.


LACS Dahanayake, A Jasinghe and HHDNP Opatha

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